The unsung Heroes of VRC

As we all head off to worlds I hope you guys all remember to thank the unsung heroes behind our teams.

First off, weather they head to California with you, or are dropping you off someplace to let you go catch you plane, weather they have watched everyone of your matches, or just one, Your Parents. They have paid lots of money, or at least I know mine have, to get you to where you want to be at each Saturday to compete, bought you; plane, train, bus tickets to get you to California, as well as the hours they host your teams during long work periods, and hours they spend volunteering to allow you teams to compete.

Second, mentors and coaches. Those old people, ;), that let you stay after school, and help you out with designing and building, and also seem to have an endless supply of VEX part. Thank them for all the extra hours they spend, and the weekends with their families they give up to be there for you at your VEX games. They do a lot of work behind the scenes, organizing tournaments, sign up for, and help run tournaments.

Third, your program’s sponsors. They give you money, support, materials, and advice. They don’t really get much in return from us students usually. Hang a banner at your pit or hand out stickers for them, but remember to always thank your sponsors because without them this competition becomes much more costly to everyone of us students involved.

Fourth, The volunteers. They may be from other places in the world, rooting for other teams, and other schools, but they are still there for your teams, and the competitions you are participating in. Thank them for everything they do, many of them, especially at worlds have traveled far and wide with their kids, but aren’t just sitting in the bleachers, they have volunteered their time, and a lot of their energy to help make the World Championship the best that they can.

Lastly a thank you to REC and VEX for putting on these wonderful events and wonderful games. They spend all year dealing with our repeated rule questions, our arguing their calls and yelling at them unfairly when we feel its their fault. They are the motors that keep the machine of VEX running so when you see them thank them for everything they have done.

As a final note, as this is my last year of VEX, thank you everyone for a wonderful 5 years, and 4 world championships. Good luck to everyone at worlds this year. Please come by the booth this year everybody. Good luck in California Teams!!!