the untilPotentiometerGreaterThan command

Scenario :
So, we are trying to program the potentiometer so that we can set up an angle for the the ball shooter (Arm). We searched up the internet and found out that there is a commandment called, “untilPotentiometerGreaterThan”, which pretty much helps us set up the angle for shooting. However, when we compiled the code, we were not able to do it because the commandment does not exist.

Question :
Are there any other ways to set up the angle instead of using untilPotentiometerGreaterThan? If not, how should we use the program?

What platform are you coding for (Cortex vs. V5) and what tool set are you using to do so (Robot Mesh Studio, Vex Coding Studio, RobotC, etc.)?

So if you are using V5 you can just use the internal encoder instead. I use it for mine and it’s far easier to program and has been really reliable for me so far, but that’s only if you use V5.