The use of iPads for VRC teams

I’m the coach of a fairly new team and we had a couple of iPads lying around… I was wondering if anybody knows of a good way to use them to our advantage or if any other team uses them to increase productivity?

There are a few apps for scouting, matches, and scores on the iOS app store. Just search “VEX” :smiley:

I have a nook that I use for note taking and research. You can also draw up designs if you have sketchpad. We also use it to document so if someone doesn’t know the plan they just look at it.

We have tablets for scouting, pictures, and we also build a strategy app every year so when we meet with alliance partners the teams can draw out the auto routines.

Cyberpirates uses instagram a lot, public outreach is one of the best things a VEX team can do.

Personally I believe every team should use the scouting apps even if it just on their phone. Some of them are excellent.

PS I’m additicted to the cyber pirates instagram atm.

Yeah, we are very public on Instagram! @cyberpirates7232

Twitter too, @cybrpirates7232