The Vex Challenge Board Thread

OK I have a really great idea. Any user here on the Vex Forum can put in an idea for a robot, then everyone else judges how many points it’s worth. When someone succesfully builds that robot and provides proof of it (i.e. pics or vids) then that user gets those points. I will keep track of everything on a spreadsheet. We must decide how many points the robot would be worth before building. Points would range from 1 to 100. 100 being an extremely hard challenge and the robot would be really hard to build, requiring intuitive design and lots of creativity. 1 being very simple, robot goes forward, remote controlled.

Also there can be more than 1 uncompleted challenge robot at a time.

So as a first robot idea, let’s judge how many points JVN’s idea would be. A robot that can climb a stairway and then open a door (turning a doorknob). Let’s keep it at tele-operated. I’d make this worth 75 points. Anybody recommend a different value?

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lol or not…

I’ve wanted to see a robot that fits with all of the FIRST specifications that can go outside of that barrier surrounding the standard playing field, pick up some rings, return, and score them.