The Vex EDR Website

Has anyone ever noticed that on the home page of the vex robotics website the girl on the right side is using an allen wrench to tighten a cable connection.

lol, maybe there’s a collar in there

yeah it could be a bad angle. But theres also no battery in the cortex

Nah she def tightening the wires, i hate it when they come undone too.

She looks like she’s holding a shaft collar down on the axle, so probably she’s tightening the shaft collar… It’s just a bad angle for the pic… Another thing, as what @RunTheCode said, and they have no battery as they are trying to program the robot. I love the Surface that’s turned off, since the CORTEX isn’t getting power when connected as well. Other than that, the wiring is very neat and tidy! Wow!
By the way, getting a picture that’s near perfect is hard to get. But I do give props to VEX when taking that picture to show the environment and essential fun-side of VEX.

that surface is hotsf