Anyone have any guesses as to what the “vex pilot program” on our worlds map is before they open? :S

The ambassador program?

I had a look when I walked in. It looked to be a youngster version of vex, with plastic parts modeled after the vex metal design, etc.

We’ve got the parts to make a robot for the stuff they had on the fields tonight. Halfway tempted to just do it, but I didn’t get a chance to measure the starting square to see what the requirements were. I’m guessing 12x12 instead of our 18x18.

Looks to be geared towards Elementary School kids. Which could be cool, I guess.

It sounds interesting… how did you guys end up being piloted?

It looks to me like something they are doing to help engage schools with lower tech. ed. budgets. I have heard talk many times of teams that want to just quit because they don’t feel like they have enough money to make a robot that is competition worthy. I think the pilot program looks like vex’s answer to that problem. Idk though, I have a tendency to over think things from time to time.:smiley:

I think come 5:30 Friday you will all know what it is.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but we have 9 people here at Worlds with one robot. We have the drive team, a programmer and two mechanics making sure the robot keeps working and practicing, two people in the stands scouting bh watching matches and two walking through the convention center talking to everyone about what they built. I’m was doing the last thing yesterday, and we actually stopped to watch them set up the Pilot Program Fields.

We weren’t asked any questions, and the guys working didn’t want to answer mine. I’m just making assumptions at this point based on 15-20 minutes looking at the fields and after seeing some pits that have the names of elementary schools on them near the Fields. I could probably grab some photos to post if people are curious as to what they look like. The game looks really simple, though.

yeh ! … sounds like a good idea tbh !

It’s a new program they are showcasing.

Could VEX Mini be making a comeback? :slight_smile: