The Viability of Defense In the Long Run

So I know there are plenty of posts about this topic, but I didn’t want to revive them. Recently I watched some matches and I came to realize that at the speed that this game is increasing with the top teams scoring as much as they do, I didnt feel that having a robot solely for defense would be a viable option. It would in a simplified version of it be a 2 on 1. Now I understand that they have the ability to stop the opposing alliance from scoring, but I don’t feel it will be enough in the long run.

What are yalls thoughts now that the game has developed some more.

If someone manages to capture 3 mobile goals defense will certainly be viable.

That is true, but that’s pretty hard. Two opposing mobile goals is easy since two of them are on your side, but the other two are often taken care of in auton, or shortly after. It would have to be a really bad team to allow the opponents to get three of their mobile goals. Overall, I think defense will get you to the elimination rounds, but not tournament champion unless you can also score a good amount of points, either that or your partner is super good.

If robots are able to score their teams mobile goals that start closer to the opposing team’s side in auton, there is no way your robot would be able to cage more than one mobile goal unless you were allied with another cage bot. That strategy would not be very effective as cage bots, as I have seen so far, are not effective without an offensive partner. A cage bot cannot score in the 20pt zone without getting DQ’ed for scoring opposing goals in their zones. (or at least not that i have seen yet) also, I have yet to see a cage bot that can stack cones, although it is possible. I have a feeling by the time worlds come around, cage bots and defensive strategies will be useless, as counter-defensive strategies will become more and more common, such as systems to upright tipped mobile goals, or tip mobile goals while they are caged to get them out. But hey thats just a theory… a VEX theory.

No need to have an angry theory. Plus its not hard to flip mobile bases back upright. They naturally want to flip due to its low center of gravity.

Cage bots are not viable. 185A tried this at our last competition during semis, and they ended up losing because they weren’t able to take away enough points from the red team to make it worth sitting there like they did for have the match.


if you can get one that tips the two close enemy mogos and then can stack their own, thatd be pretty strong

That would be. Until your oponents realize it only takes about 1 second to flip a mobile goal back over.

It is way easier to untip a Mobile Goal than to tip it. If you can just nudge it with your lift or secondary lift, it will tip back into it’s regular position.