The vrc hub scoring app is broke

It’s really not that hard to make a working app

No app has a perfect release and is without bugs.

Make an app, publish it for many people, and I guarantee you it has bugs. It works and is functional and does the job, but like anything, there are bugs and things that the Developers will cover in bug fixes.

Sorry this tipped me off, but as a software engineer and someone who develops apps, it bugs the heck out of me when people say, “Its not hard to do X”

Be patient, there’s already another thread where people have pointed out bugs and the dev is working to fix it. The game is brand new, and there’s probably never been an app without at least one bug in version one.

This has already been brought to our attention in a much more tactful manner ( A fix will be out after everyone is back from Worlds. Please try to always be respectful when interacting with others whether it’s in person or on a public forum.

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Thank you for quickly addressing the small bugs, you guys rock.


Having developed many software systems, I have never had a release without a flaw. I’ve been fortunate that our user base has always been constructive with their feedback. That is a key skill for teams to develop - how to provide constructive feedback so that the product gets better.

When giving software feedback, include information, such as the platform the package is running on - iOS, Android, the version and model of phone (yes you can get bugs for specific platforms that do not appear when testing in the lab …)

So be kind and professional when providing feedback.

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I’ll ignore the rudeness of the original post for a minute (Mike and lacsap’s posts cover my thoughts on this topic) and say thank you for using the app early and finding the bug. The only way we can make things better is if we know there’s a problem.

I think you’ll be pleased to know that this bug has been fixed and has been pushed to the Play store. It should be available soon.

What I find interesting is that the first official response to the “rude” comment was not a thank you for pointing out an obvious and easily avoidable problem, but rather, it was to complain about the customer’s “rudeness”. I think there is a disconnect between who is the customer and who is the provider.

The “rudeness” is probably a manifestation of frustration that was left over from last season when it was months before scoring issues were fixed in TM. Back then, there were lots of excuses for the problem to the point of saying it was not a problem to have TM allow impossible scores.

Yes, there can be “bugs” when apps come out, but certain aspects are simply not difficult to test before the app is released. Bugs that typically happen upon release are ones that deal with device specific issues or OS version specific issues. Getting the scores wrong or allowing impossible scores is really not that difficult to get right from the beginning.

I think the response from @Dave Scheck was better.

You are incorrect. The first response to the report of the issue was from me in the thread that reported it:

The posters in the other thread reported an issue and did so without snark. The original poster in this thread (and you as well) decided to take cheap shots. That’s rude and unnecessary, and in general I think you’ll find that it makes people defensive and less willing to help you. It’s not that hard to be nice. But hey, the choice is yours.

Just because someone is a customer doesn’t mean they have a right to act and respond however they want to things.

In my job as a software developer, especially when I’m working with clients, I’m not going to excuse just outright rude behavior just because they’re a customer. I’ll politely and respectfully inform them that the work will be done, but privately let them know that how they responded was inappropriate.

This is not Burger King - You will not have it your way. Bugs happen in every release. Rudeness doesn’t make a developer any more willing to help you.

I don’t understand this at all. The app is a free service, we don’t pay to use it, and they don’t slap adds on it.

This is just kids acting entitled and being needlessly rude.

Spin it which ever way you wish. The original post was ambiguous and uncivil. If one of my students had been the author, we would have a serious discussion as to why they should be kept on a team. Teams represent our school and must act properly in public.

That’s what I was getting at. There was no point for the rudeness from the OP.

I don’t mean to pile on, but really? Really? I linked to the post where the bug was first reported, addressed, and a fix promised. Your justification for the unnecessary rudeness is a stretch and makes a big assumption of the original poster’s thinking. Posts like the original one and yours make it difficult for people to engage in useful and civil discussions on this forum. I actually thought twice about making my original post (a post that I still believe was completely in-line and tactful) for fear that someone would jump down my throat. I guess my fear was well founded.

One of our jobs as adults and mentors in this program is to nudge kids into making good decisions and help them to become better people. In the case of kids I don’t know, I’ll offer a gentle nudge, as I did in my first post. I won’t sit idly by while students behave in a manner that won’t serve them well in the future; I’d rather turn it into a teachable moment. Maybe I’m naive in thinking a random post on a random forum can help make a difference, but I’ll keep trying.

Wow. Great opener when you’re trying for understanding.


[Jaw drops with disbelief] Some how I must be in an alternative reality when I re-read the thread. There is a lot of professionalism on exhibit in the responses from VEX employees and developers. What I have not witnessed is similar behavior from you or the original poster.

@DRow please lock - no good can come from continuing this thread. The OP’s bug report was acknowledged and remedied.

I’ve deleted one post in this thread for revealing personal information about a user and I’ve locked the thread so @DRow and his team can review when they have the time.

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