Theme Ideas for team

Hi everyone. My team name is relating to red. I am wondering if anyone has any cool ideas for a maskot/something for all of us to wear. My team is stumped.

A sponsorship with the local Red Robin



lol. that could work if we get to worlds

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Red barons? You could dress up like snoopy.


i feel like something to do with crimson is good, like the crimson knights or crimson kings. or you could go more for something like the cardinals.

Ok. Thank you
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honestly I need team theme (and robot name) ideas too

Angry Birds’ protagonist is named red. Maybe that theme

I like that! 20 Chare

I think we are going to do the crimson king. If I did not say, we already have a team name. Red Alliance. This is just because one of our team members wants to have a costume. We like the Crimson king. If you have any other ideas, other then a Crimson king, I will take them.