Themes for RobotC?

The program is great for programming robots, but sometimes the white windows are really bright and really strains my eyes. It’s sometimes painful to even look at the screen. Is there a theme I could use to make the program dark? Like in Visual Studios, you have the option to make it dark. Thank you for answering!
-Inventor Inventor

Sadly, unless they’ve made an update I’m unaware of, no, there isn’t a dark theme for RobotC(or any type of color editor for that matter). I finally started to write some programming today for basically the first time since last season and the white screen is terrible… Especially after doing some misc programming in atom where it’s a black screen :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe in this thread; there were many requests to add a dark theme so hopefully we can look forward to this sometime soon…

You can change the text color scheme however there is no support for anything else including background.
view>preferences>detailed preferences>editor>fonts is the settings to change these options (you need to be at expert or higher).

You could just invert your screen cololrs when using Robotc in control panel

you could use a different text editor like atom; however you would not get the debugger

Inverting the colors did work. It actually looks really nice. But unfortunately, I inverted everything. So now any program I use, their colors will be inverted. Although I found a quick shortcut to quickly switch between inverted and not inverted, it gets quite annoying. Is there any way to only set one program to be inverted? I use Windows 10. I don’t know if it’s different on other operating systems.

Im not sure if theres a way to set programs to invert, sorry

You may be able to do some shenanigans with AHK this also may be a way to switch between the debugger and the editor. If you are worried about eyestrain just use FLUX. I use it and it has noticeably helped.

I know this is not with ROBOTC, but PROS has an Atom plugin, and Atom has many themes, many of them dark themes, at, and Atom is a very nice editor. For most/all coding purposes, including PROS, I use Vim with the Valloric colorsheme, which is similar to monokai, from

I actually started using atom around the time this convo started and I have to say that for me at least it actually isn’t too bad doing most editing in atom and switching back over to robotC for downloading and debugging the code. With atom’s auto-completion stuff it’s actually cut down on quite a few pesky errors as well :slight_smile:
Maybe this is just me and my experience but oh well…

Same, I use atom for anything major.