Theoretical Division List for Worlds 2017

VEX WORLDS 2017 is rapidly approaching, and one of the exciting buildups every year for WORLDS is the theoretical division list. Of course the list will change daily until every last spot is filled, but its still exciting to see who you may, or may not have in your division. We will be updating this list daily.

CLICK HERE for 5 Division list

Below is the 6 Division Version
CLICK HERE for 6 Division list

Could you add a filter on the division names?
Anyhow, I hope I keep my division.

With 540 teams, you could have six divisions.

What would the 6th one be named? How many years have they had 5 with STEM and the Arts division? 108 teams per division doesn’t seem terrible relative to the 100 per last year. If it keeps growing next year, I easily see another division.

Yes but before last year it was still 90, so it is not unreasonable to think we could have 6 divisions with 90 teams each. As for the name, it could be named robotics division, so we could have STREAM or MASTER.

If it does indeed come out to 6 divisions with STREAM, I would much prefer Reading to Robotics division, because I think it would be dumb to have a Robotics Division in a Robotics Competition :stuck_out_tongue:

Use the tabs at the bottom of the page for the division lists.

I don’t know if you can do this in Google Sheets, but can you move the science and tech tabs to before e, a, and m?

Changed to STEAM order (was previously in alphabetical order).

Research (hopefully not to be confused with the Vex U division)

Edit: I mixed the names of Vex U and middle school. Thanks for catching that @Bryon Tjanaka :smiley:

@TEAM LEGEND Would it be too much to ask for you to make another prospective team division listing for if there are 6 divisions? I’d do it myself, but I don’t know the algorithms used to map out the listings. Thank you for putting in the effort of doing the first one.

Research is a VEXU division IIRC. Middle school is Spirit and Opportunity.

See the updated OP for the 6 Division List.

Just curious, how often are these lists updated? My team JUST got added, so I’m curious on when to expect for it to be on there.

I was just wondering if this sheet is going to be updated for the top 50 in skills list when it becomes finalized. Thanks

The list was just updated, your team is in Math for both 6 and 5 Division Lists. The Division List will be updated multiple times a day.

Skills cut-off is tomorrow, and once those teams have registered, the list will be updated.

Is there a VEX U version available? That would be great.

now, pull data from robot events and rank them :smiley: (jk sounds like a nightmare)
and then make a projected win scheduel

That would be awesome if that was done :). It would just be a bad idea to show that to my team’s driver since it could be very discouraging

pretty sure it’s been done before