Theoretical Divisions for Vex Worlds (MS)

There is less than 1 month until Vex Worlds 2017. With that in mind, there are less than 6 days to register for Vex Worlds 2017.

Of course, we must tiredly wait for the division lists to be posted, but instead, I have compiled my own list for your pleasure. Keep in mind, this is a middle school list as the theoretical list for HS has been posted generously by Team Leonidas.

The theoretical list for middle school VEX worlds can be found by clicking here.

EDIT: You can see the separate divisions by clicking on the bottom tabs.

Jordan of BnS also posted a comprehensive list
VRC MS, HS and VEX text with links to which is probably more helpful as a scouting tool.

They are both essentially the same thing in my opinion. He just takes into account skills, and I do not. Both of which can be used of scouting. On top of that, my list is bound to change once all teams are registered.

Actually, not really the same thing. The BNS list has active links to which is amazingly useful. It is updated regularly as teams are registered. I would have to say it would be my go to list if I were competing. Not sure which resources my teams are looking at.

Oh, that’s what you meant. I could add that with ease and probably will. Thanks for the suggestion.

I like your list. :slight_smile: It is exactly what I wanted, so I hope the official list is extremely close to yours.

Cool! Glad I could help, I will be posting another one with OPR calculations for each team so you can better your findings, let me know if I can do anything for you?

Could you post an updated version of the list? As the final day for registration has come and gone, I was hoping you could sort of finalize it for me.

Actually, it has not!
From robotevents -

Cool. Maybe I have some luck?

Stay tuned! I will be posting a updated list on March 31st with all of the teams based on RobotEvents. Once again, this is just a prediction so I may be wrong and we will still be anticipating the final division lists that come out on April 19th.