Theoretical Vantablack Robot

Let’s just say that theoretically, a team painted their robot using vantablack.
For those who don’t know what vanatablack is, it’s a paint that absorbs more than 99% of light.

If someone actually did this, what would happen at comps? Maybe disorient other people’s eyes and make it hard for them to focus on your robot? It may backfire onto you at some point but at least it looks cool.


I think this would look really interesting at competitions as you would just have silhouette of a robot with the red lights of wire ports and the radio. It may be hard to see the internals of the robot to do maintenance though.


this is why you cover the electronics in a diff colored tape


Maybe you could put LEDs next to all your important components so you could find them easily? It would give it kind of a starry night feel along with it too.


Kind of hard to see them when


I missed the theoretical part at first and got really excited for a second.


You’ll see the LED’s, if they are in front of the black surface and squirting photons in your direction…


I wish we could do it but our coach doesn’t want us to paint metal. Now that the idea is out there, maybe someone will try it!

Vantablack is tightly controlled, and you can’t really buy it.

Black 3.0, on the other hand…

I do wonder how expensive it would be to coat an entire robot in it.


Also would disorient your eyes and make it hard for you to focus on your robot

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I’m all for a VantaBlack robot. You could just drive a void around and confuse someone. Would be a really cool and expensive robot


I wasn’t aware of that, but there seems to be a better alternative than Black 3.0: Musou Black. This paint is 4x darker than Black 3.0.
You can read more about it here. It’ll cost you quite a bit though, at $39 for 100mL.

So if you have a lot of money and spare time, you could do it.

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Do you know if there’s a picture of it?

Also if anyone knows about how much paint is needed to paint a robot, we can calculate how expensive this whole thing would be.

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about Vader:
62A VEX Change Up Reveal


Yes, Jake is talking about Vader, his team’s robot for the 2021 VRC World Championship. If you want to ask him any questions I believe he is on here (@ Jake_62A) and the VEX Discord as well.

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Yep, back 3.0 is just so much cheaper lol. I think someone with some money can pull off black 3.0.

It’s way cheaper, but looking at this,

it’s definitely worth the money.