Theoretical Worlds Division Lists

Hello Everyone,
I will be updating this thread as we get closer to worlds,
but this is what I have currently as far as division lists in theory.

Take a look!

What’s the rational behind this list?

Speaking of which, what is the rational behind how VEX does the divisions? Do they “spread the wealth” or is it just random?

Divisions are mostly random, but they try to spread the wealth in term of organizations. For instance, our club is bringing two teams to Worlds and they won’t be the same division no matter what. If your club brings more than 5 teams, you’ll be forced to double up or whatever. I think they might also try to spread out regions, but I’m not 100% sure of that.

The teams are just listed in numerical order and then the teams are just separated into groups of 5. The first team goes to Division 1, second to Division 2, until we get to Division 5, then after that the sixth team goes to Division 1 and so on.

I was bored so I compiled some info on the teams in each division. All the following are based on the most recent OPR.
Total OPR: [1990.12076, 1853.6211, 1809.9287499999994, 1906.9896199999998, 2049.7303399999996]
Max OPR: [50.6808, 54.7283, 52.4382, 61.4455, 55.6]
Average OPR: [26.1857994737, 24.714948, 24.1323833333, 25.4265282667, 27.3297378667]
The team with the highest recent OPR is 2915a with a 61.4455 at a scrimmage, and is theoretically in division 4.

I like this!
I heard rumor though that there was a 6th division this year? Maybe there should be a 2nd doc that projects what this would look like.

Robotevents says 440 teams =88 teams in each of 5 divisions. If there were 6, it would be a little weird. Just my thoughts though, I’m not the REC foundation :stuck_out_tongue:

Man I think this list with the data just shows how great all of the world teams are. Each Division looks loaded with multiple favorites and this is just a, well complied, random grouping of the teams. I know my team is looking forward to competing against such stiff competition.

Division lists are now available on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, the lists currently look quite interesting. Registration closes early next week, does anyone know how soon after that the official division list would usually be released?
Interesting story: for the two divisions at NZ nationals this year I used a similar method to try to predict what divisions may look like. That was before I found out it would be a completely random draw :(, However the list I came up with would have meant two quite even divisions, as opposed to what we actually had :cool:.

The official list will be released on 4/14, or 2 days before Worlds actually starts.

It seems in the previous years the divisions were determined by just counting them off. Maybe it’ll change this year?

Just pushed a quick update with the new team list, as I have said before, this is all theoretical. Link For Convenience:

Updates for OPR info.
MAX: [46.1217, 61.4455, 55.6, 56.1616, 54.7283]
TOTAL: [1890.0712699999992, 1902.6314500000003, 2006.3198, 1994.0673300000003, 1950.6883199999997]
AVG: [24.5463801299, 24.7094993506, 26.3989447368, 26.2377280263, 25.6669515789]

With 20 More Teams Added, it is a bit different:

Updated OPRs
Total: [2023.8692400000004, 2130.1450799999993, 2040.6172599999998, 1895.04713, 2034.8784999999996]
Average: [24.986040000000006, 26.62681349999999, 25.507715749999996, 23.688089124999998, 25.435981249999994]
Max: [50.0679, 55.6, 61.4455, 54.7283, 52.4382]

Spaces are filling up really fast! With only 21 spots to go, here is the projected division list:

OPR updates
Max: [61.4455, 55.6, 56.1616, 54.7283, 47.8529]
Total: [2154.47877, 2351.79234, 2018.7905499999997, 2006.57256, 1946.2481899999993]
Avg: [25.648556785714288, 27.997527857142856, 24.03322083333333, 24.175573012048194, 23.448773373493967]

There are only 5 spots left to go. When Worlds fills up, will there be another list?

Ya Harrison will update it when it is full. Everyone keep in mind though that this is still just pure speculation and that VEX could create different divisions.

I will update this as soon as I get back from my vacation in NY and to WPI!