There are EIGHT Discobots in the top 30 in robot skills right now...

So no matter how many of these teams get bumped, serious congratulations are due to Brampton for occupying almost a third of the slots in skills at once; I can’t even be mad they bumped me.

Canadian teams in general seem to be doing very well

Does anyone know what types of robots they have?

Good ones.

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The type that outscores everyone else.

Probably single flywheels.

A ninja robot :slight_smile:

Most definately an 10/8 slip fly

Probably flamer thrower

NAH, dual puncher

Pretty sure this is a 1104 leak.

Well, as some people love to say, WD-40 isn’t a lubricant per se, so you’d probably be good. Better post in the official Q&A, just to be sure.


The red alliance is 1104G&Z.
The video is from 2 months ago, so they may be completely different now. I really don’t know what they are now.

Or perhaps leaving the “other side’s” preloads until the end of skills. I think that would save a bit of time, since the 5 seconds aren’t wasted. It would still require in-depth planning and almost flawless execution.

And I’m wondering… what if one were to record a 340+ robot skills run and replay it as programming skills? It might be possible if the person had a good recording program/a lot of runs…

So this analysis is actually pretty good. A few things that jump out though, the assumption that they are skills only robots is pretty strange. Historically the winning robots at worlds have always been some of the best in robot skills
2915 sack attack
21 toss up
2915 skyrise

Also line sensor alignment sounds extremely slow. The driving is all manual to the best of my knowledge. Also the funniest thing that you said wrong was in the note of driver practice, 1104m hadn’t driven the robot until that day.

And obviously 1104h had to deal with crazy high latency, hence it’s significantly lower score.

Although I agree that good competition robots can do well in skills, I think a robot that is built for the sole purpose of being the best at skills would be the best at skills, but not very good in competition. For instance, a robot with a 6 motor flywheel that ratchets to 3 seperate 2bps linear punchers could do driver loads at a rate of 6 bps, which is incredibly fast and would give them a ton of time to do field balls. Then, if they had a 4 motor turbo chassis and a 2 motor intake they could do field balls extremely well, and all of this would create the best skills robot ever. However, if this robot competed in a competition, it would have an easily stalled chassis and no lift, making it a good competition robot, but definately not the best.

I don’t think these robots are only built for skills because a robot that can consistently grab and shoot a pile in 5-6 seconds will be a very competitive robot in the competition

Don’t forget 1114 do First and is in Ontario. I cri :frowning:

Why use line sensors? Gyros are easier to deal with, more accurate and much more flexible.

Obviously they’re more accurate because position tracking with a gyro totally worked :slight_smile: