Thermostat/circuit breaker on consumer device

I deal with elder-care issues, and I’m looking for an electric skillet with automatic shut-off. Currently, there are electric kettles and rice cookers which do what I want – reach a specified temperature, then turn off when that temp is reached. However, those devices’ target temperature (slightly above boiling at 100 C/212 F) is too low to fry an egg. Something that shuts off around 350 F is probably what I’m looking for.

There are plenty of skillets that will MAINTAIN a certain temperature, but that’s not what I want. For an elderly person who leaves food unattended by accident, the device needs to shut off when the “alarm” threshold is reached, not continue to burn the food at a low level.

In theory, I know how a circuit like this should be put together, but safety is of key importance, so I don’t trust my engineering and/or manufacturing skills. I’m amazed that this hasn’t become commercially available. If someone wants to develop this kind of product, I would love to work with you, as there are egonomic issues for both the caretaker (the younger person who can tweak safety defaults on the device that are inaccessible to the elderly person) and the caretaken (the elderly person who uses the device but needs extra safety features installed for them).