These pneumatic bots are op any way to face them

How are you guys dealing with the op pneumatic bots bc our team doesn’t have any and the grip force is insane we just redid our bot and our next comp is tomorrow so we are gonna test it we also plan to add another side lift next week

Personally my team does use pneumatics, but a lot of other teams in my region don’t use pneumatics and they still do very good in competitions. If you want to see a good example look at 3141B they have a great lift system that doesn’t use pneumatics, however, they do use pneumatics for mogo hooks on the back of their robot, but that aside they still have a very good robot without using pneumatics. From what I have seen if your robot is fast or it stacks mogos on the platforms really good you will do well on competitions. I hope this helped, I think you guys have a great robot, and I wish you the best of luck this season


Our first competition this season we didn’t have any pneumatics. In fact we couldn’t elevate mogos or even park. But we had an extremely reliable auton that got us a neutral mogo and auton win point almost every time. If you can’t play offense play really good defense, and have a good auton. As for their grip strength just aim to be faster to get goals and you won’t have a problem with having to steal them back. Another thing we found beneficial is being a support robot. If you are paired with a good team, play to their strengths. If they can elevate supply them with goals at the right time and protect the platform. We placed 2nd in qualifications simply by using these tactics. Also this was my teams first vrc competition. I had done 6 years of iq prior. In my time I have learned that being a good driver is more important than having a good robot. Hope this helped. Good luck this year.

TLDR; Have a good auton, Try to be fast, Try to be a support robot, Play to your and your alliance’s strengths, Good driving outweighs a good robot imo


by not having/using pneumatics, you are simply going to be at a significant disadvantage compared to teams that do. It’s the unfortunate reality. So you need to find ways to overcome this disadvantage, which often means scaling back on the types of mechanisms that typically use pneumatics.

3141b does seem like a very good robot that can be made without pneumatics (excluding the rear hooking system) and while being able to hold only one goal is going to put you at a disadvantage, you can overcome it with sheer speed and skill.

Another option could potentially be something like what team 45464z has.

they use a 4m drive, 1m conveyor, 1m forklift, 1m lift, and 1m clamp to acheive 2 goal capacity and rings, at the expense of a 6m drive, which can be acheived much more easily using pneumatics.


Honestly pneumatics really only used by teams to get 6 motors on their robot. You can easily do everything a pneumatic bot can. I really like 45464z’s design, which is still super competitive. You can also do everything a pneumatic robot can including 6m drive if you use passive mechanisms. I have been considering making and posting a CAD of a good robot that does not use pneumatics for teams to use. While this will probably not happen before states, it is definitely possible to be competitive without pneumatics.

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I do think the way my bot is set up will do pretty well just looking for other ideas our d teams bot is really good so if anything we can steal that lol

As me and @Xenon27 have said, 45454z is a very good robot that doesn’t use pneumatics. I think it is probably the best robot you can make without pneumatics and without a super hard-to-design robot. I don’t know how good your D team is, but I think you guys will probably be ok for a middle school team if you build anything listed here. Amogo and Dogo are also very good robots that don’t use pneumatics, but its better to use them as inspiration.

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Is the problem you cannot acquire pneumatics due to supply chain issues? If so buying used is a good thing to look into. Most of our electronics are used due to the lower cost and actually being able to get them.

I mean… 48425A doesn’t use pneumatics. They’re pretty damn good without them. 4m drive, 1m lift, 1m conveyor, 1m clamp, 1m back lift SHOULD be okay.

I would like to think we are pretty competitive without pneumatics.


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