Things I'd like to see: return of the robot touching the wall at start

This year the robots need to start on the home row tile. This has become huge problem with teams creating jack stands to let them hang over the tile seam, omni wheel not touching, etc,

Bring back the “robots must touch the wall”


I dont think its a problem, it just a part of the game and it rewards good teams for creating innovative things such as “jack stands” and other stuff


You see a problem, I see a solution!

or something like that. Basically it makes a cool engineering challenge and allows teams to add some complexity to their robot.


Its kinda impressive that it took so long for jack stands to be found out with its use case. Like, its been 10 years of tiles being used as a starting place. Its crazy how as time continues new methods and solutions are created, when people initially thought that we already reached the edge.


I think games have been “touching”, so it hasn’t been an issue. The jackstands, etc are a pain because I now need to get down on the floor to see where the stand is. And the entire “tile finger is the home row side of the tile.” Is that 3/4" really making that much difference?

What do you prefer?

  • Contacting the wall
  • Contacting tiles

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Please add another option: “whatever the game manual specifies”


not a problem in the slightest, it’s an engineering solution to give teams an advantage, exactly what the rules should encourage.

Touching the perimeter had the problem that if the perimeter was shifted slightly forward or back, which is quite common to see, the robot wouldn’t be starting in exactly the same orientation every time, which could have been problematic.


What is the “problem” raised with kickstands? Seems to me like it is just teams thinking out of the box to create engineering solutions.


I really dont like touching the wall. In the past if I needed an auton to move parallel to the wall, and it was already touching it, it would just get stuck on the wall and the auton would fail. If a team wanted to grab the alliance goal on the platform this year, they’d need to move sideways and probably get stuck on the wall. Thanks for reading my rant.


I’d really hate to stiffle creativity just to avoid the need to bend over.


I wouldn’t classify kickstands as the most creative or innovative thing around.
There are better ways to gain that extra yard or shave off that few milliseconds.

Anyway, think we need to empathise and understand the EP’s and referee’s viewpoints.

The referees literally need to kneel down, prostrate and bow to the robots just to ensure if the kickstands are within the home zone and the protruding part of the robots are really overhanging and not touching the tiles.
I can imagine for some instances, there might need to have a “paper check” as well.

And from the EP’s point of view, it is not just abt bowing down to the robots, but also abt the time spent to do all these sorts of checks.

But i believe @Foster is just doing his usual ranting abt it that’s all.
Don’t think he is expecting any change in rules and I am very sure he is still bowing down to all these robots in his events :slight_smile:


why is this a problem?


It’s not



yea more like “HOW” is this a problem

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@Foster - i have tried to get them to learn about empathy (the 1st step of design thinking process)… and i failed.

back to you now. lol…


Exactly this, needing for the head ref (and some of us are getting old) to bend
/ kneel down to peer under the robot. I guess I could look for a mirror to use to look at the undercarriage.

@meng Thanks for taking the time to explain, but it seems that the roboteers here think that 0.005ms jump is worth it. :slight_smile:


Oh… btw… 62 used it during Skyrise.
So again… nothing exactly new under the sun :slight_smile:


Two more options: use field risers, and have your U-team train as referees.

It’s important to train up the next generation if we want our programs/organizations to keep going strong after we’re too old to do everything.


you don’t really have to kneel down all the way. If you just go straight to the paper test, you can slide it under the front of the bot and feel if any part of the robot is touching the second row of tiles.