Things that are (not-not) allowed in tower takeover

What strategies and techniques are (not-not) allowed?

  • “Hoarding”
  • Picking up LOTS of cubes
  • Wallbots/expansion
  • Blocking towers
    … what else?
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  1. I am pretty sure wall bots are allowed. It says so under <G12>.
  2. Same with Blocking towers as well as expansion.
  3. I believe that there is no limit for the amount of cubes you can hold. I haven’t fully read the game manual, but so far, there isn’t anything about that.

i havent found anything that says hoarding or picking up lots of cubes is not allowed, can you point me to where that is in the rules?

I do not believe that there is such a rule.

yeah i havent found one either

Wall bots are explicitly allowed by the note in G12

Put simply: “wall-bots” and “cap-bots” are legal, but they are to be attempted at your own risk.

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hoarding, wallbots, capping bots, infinite possession, all allowed. hmmmm

I’m starting to think 2 things. Either they overlooked hoarding entirely, or they are going to make that the first update. If hoarding is allowed, game over for the opposing alliance.


I mean, of you’re bothering to hoard you might as well put them in your goal zone.


if you can successfully hoard 66 cubes then you deserve to win tbh.


Just build a huge plow. Push them all into your corner. You win.


What’s a “cap bot” in this context?

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I believe it means blocking the tower by basically covering the top of the tower and the cube inside.

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like a cap on a bottle or something like that

lid bots

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is launching a cube legal? It might be useful for the towers.


Accuracy would need to be insane. Probably not relevant.

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Can’t knock down blocks (sg7) and it ain’t gonna help stack.

The cubes cant touch the borders of the goal, and you’d have to stack them insanely high ( 5 feet) or something like that to cramp 33 cubes into your two end zones. And like someone said, if you can build a 5 foot tower without knocking anything over, then you deserve to win

Not to mention if your opponent changes the cubes in the towers, they could suddenly have more score


Look at team 2W for gateway. Basically your robot “caps” off the towers to prevent cubes from being put in them


I feel like this might not be very effective