Things to look for in a broken joystick?

My vex main joystick was in my backpack throughout the school day, and the 2425 robot is not responding. Currently, the joystick light does not light up. I plan on opening the joystick to see if something’s damaged. Any ideas on what to look for?

On a side note, I’m not entirely sure if I’m overlooking something. Since the last time we’ve used the robot, the programming, electronics, and mechanics have not been altered. Today, we tried using our joysticks to run the robot, however no response was given. We tried multiple tethers and we tried one set of vexnets that we know for sure works. We also tried running the robot solely by autonomous, and it still works. However, on our main joystick, the joystick light does not light up. We used fully charged batteries

There’s not much that’s user serviceable, the wires from the battery terminals to the circuit board are short so be careful. Do any of the leds turn on ?

I know you said you used fresh batteries, but try replacing the batteries again (if anything, try in-store batteries, like Duracell or Energizer brand). I’ve had joysticks seemingly go bad with fresh batteries, replaced the batteries, and it started working again.

Also, when you open up the back plate of the joystick, make sure there’s no battery acid all over the place. Had that happen to me, too. :o

Yes, the robot led on the joystick is a solid green when the joystick turns on, and not connected to anything

I’ll try that again and see if anything happens.

I opened up the joystick and I didn’t find anything flashing. No missing parts, burns, etc.