Think of it as a VEX college-scholarship

Continue your VEX robotics career in the College Challenge with Utah State University (USU) VEX Robotics Team. Our VEX robotics team is always seeking talented members and the university is continually interested in recruiting quality students. If getting a college degree and competing in VEX robotics for another four years interests you, read on to see the cost savings USU can offer future college VEX competitors.

Yearly tuition & fees at USU, along with room & board, are among the lowest in the country. When compared to other land grant universities, our nonresident tuition & fees along with room & board are comparable and often more affordable.

USU’s Estimate Annual Costs
USU resident tuition & fees: $5,500
USU nonresident tuition & fees: $16,000
USU room & board: $5,000

Note to Nonresident Students: Initially, students from outside of Utah save money due to our low nonresident costs. But more importantly, the residency policy in Utah is very lenient. After residing in Utah for one year, you can receive Utah residency status!!! This equates to over $10,000 savings per year after your first year and a total savings of over $30,000 over the next three years.

USU also offers over $75 million in scholarship and financial aid each year!!! Academic scholarships are awarded on an Admissions Index Score which is determined by students’ non-weighted GPA and test scores (ACT or SAT). Awards range up to 4 years, full tuition and fees.
For more information and to see if you qualify, please visit and select the appropriate scholarship category from the menu.

Consider coming to USU, compete on the USU VEX robotics team, get a quality education, and save a bundle of money. Check us out online (, compare costs, apply, and come visit. If you inquire and/or apply, let Corey Mikkelsen, our contact person, know your interest in USU was a result of becoming a VEX robotic competitor and a result of this forum thread.

For more information concerning scholarships and admissions contact: Corey Mikkelsen, Recruitment Specialist, Out-of-State ([email protected]).

For information concerning USU’s VEX Robotic Team contact: Gary Stewardson ([email protected]).

If you want to continue to participate in VEX when you move on to college, then USU is the place for you. USU has participated in the VEX for the past three years.

Last year, Utah State University had the only ultra high hanging robot of the tournament for VEX Round-Up.

Here is a link to the video of the ultra high hanging robot: Clip of Utah State Ultra High Hanging at the 2011 VEX World Championship - YouTube

Cool Video! I remember seeing the match and couldn’t believe that no one in the college division had ultra high hung.

I am getting ready to head to college soon and checked out your website. Can you really take skiing/snowboarding classes? Also your out of state tuition is cheaper then my in-state but do you offer a wavier or scholarship for getting out of paying out of state and getting instate price my freshman year?

Also how big is your Vex team and what would I be able to do on your team?


The local ski resort is 30-40 minutes up the canyon from campus, same world class snow as at the Olympic resorts. I am not sure, but, I believe the physical education department offers those courses along with others (rock climbing, etc.).

In the past, out of state tuition has been waived for freshman students that academically qualify. Due to budget cuts, I am not sure what will be offered next year, or where the cut off might be. I recommend you apply to see what is available. Keep in mind each college within the university also has scholarships available.

In the past, we have typically taken 6 students to compete at Worlds—two programmers, two drivers, and two builders. Remember, the college teams build two robots each. It would be nice to add a second team. Ultimately, I would like to see several teams competing on campus to determine which teams travel. That would motivate teams to complete their designs early and allow time for design revisions. Last year we also sponsored a high school team, a 7th-8th grade team, and a 6th grade team. The high school team competed at worlds. Two college team members had part time employment as coaches for these teams.

Check us out, we need good team members.

Spurred on by this year-old post, we checked out/toured this campus yesterday. It’s got great-looking programs at a very reasonable cost (even for out-of-staters), including merit-based aid.