Thinking of selling all my vex things :o!

Well with school I have like no time to play around with vex bots and I need some cash for an upcoming event, I was wondering if anyone would consider buying my vex equipment. I have:

Starter kit with all pieces, only mods are that 2 of the 1x25 pieces are cut to 1x5 lengths (have em still though) and one of the 5x15 plates was cut in half.
Tank thread kit:all threads and sprocket thingys.

Wheel kit:even have the original box, all wheels.

Gear kit x2:boxes and all gears

1x extra motor: too make 4 wheel drive bots.

Omni wheel kit x2:boxes+ all wheels, none broken, only used once i think lol.

if you buy any of them, ill throw in a 3 foot piece of 1/8" shafts that work with all wheels, gears, and collars, for free.

The starter kit is about 2 months old, and scarcly used, only on weekends when I had time, all accecories are about a month old, none except the tank threads and wheel kit and omni kit were used.

If you’re interested, leave a post :slight_smile:

kind of depends what ru asking for it how would we pay and how would you get it to us if you really want to sell it i would put it on ebay you’ll probally get more money that way

Well if someone on here wants to buy it all or seperate, I’d put it on ebay

wut are the prices

depends if you buy seperate or all together. for all of it i’d take like 200 or so

20 for tank 10 for the gear sets 15 for wheels 10 for motor 15 for both omnis 150 for the starter kit

how much for the whole thing???

how much is shipping going to be

no offense but most of those prices are the same as at radioshck when they are new

for shipping i dont know, ill find out, I wont charge any extra besides the acctual shipping cost though, and NR, go find me everything im selling at radioshack at my prices, and ill give you everything for free :wink:

okay, ryguy, thats not nice. second, he’s right.

  1. omni-wheels 9.99 -
  2. tank tread kit - 14.97 -
  3. gear kit - 4.97 -
  4. starter kit - 149.99 -
  5. motor kit - 9.99 - [

your total : $220.00
RS total : $200.00

you owe NR an apology.
and me some VEX parts.](

paco if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t even post ;), did you actually read my post? firstly, I have 2 omni kits, not one, 2 gear kits also, and did you notice that on radioshack that most of those items say “sold out” :)? like the starter kit, omni wheels and tank thread.

so you’d have to pay full price for most of em, so the prices would be:

300 for the starter kit
40 for omni wheels
30 for wheel kit
10 for gear kits
10 for the motor
30 for the tank threads

Vexlabs and radioshack price (if you can find em at radioshack) $420
my price: $200.

good deal, no?

but, If you do a little looking around and calling at radio shack you can find almost anything (you may have to drive around a bit but it can save a ton of cash)

Ive gone to all the radioshacks within a 50 mile radius from my house, all said they were sold out or a school bought them out for school teams.

(slow clapping speeding up)

well done

i accounted for everything you said in your post. some stuff is online, other stuff is not. either way, i beat your prices.

eh, no.

and while on the subject of buying/selling VEX, i recently got a transmitter and reciever kit NIB from ebay for $20.00 (from 129.99), and crystal kit A for 13.98 (from 49.99).

i still dont see your point. im not selling and transmitters or crystal kits. if you dont want too buy then just leave. I think my prices are fair.

they are fair i and i dont want to buy another transmitter or reciever, i was just syaing how cheap things are on Ebay. you havent really gone too far overprice, i just wanted to show people that RS is still cheaper overall. and i agree that it would be hard to find some of the stuff.

ryguy would you be willing to put the tank treads on ebay? I would feel more comfortable doing business on there… (not saying i will definately buy them but if i see tank treads pop up on eBay i probably will)

yea I said if anyone here wanted to buy somthing I’d put it on ebay, just gimmi a day or 2 cause I can’t remember my old ebay account so I gotta get my moms checking account and credit card for a new account :frowning:

would you also be willing to put the brain, controller, and transmitter on eBay aswell?