Third motor on dr4b?

I’m trying to add a third motor to my dr4b and am trying to find the best option. Could I mount it on one side and and compensate with rubber bands or with extended axle. I’m just trying to do this, so I don’t have a burnout. Any ideas?

just do a fourth motor.

@tan18man i have already used eleven and I saw an ift bot with three

Obvious (thus obviously wrong) suggestion: Put a shaft across and make a little gearbox in the middle.

@nenik is right. put the Motor in the middle and bring a shaft across. Support the shaft well.

Its probably a better idea to do a 1 motor mobile goal intake and a 4 motor dr4b.

I see teams that run a 1 motor mogo lift but then they still have a 3 motor lift, it all comes down to motor distribution, for a three motor lift I’d see teams run a 6 motor base 1 motor mogo lift 3 motor lift 1 motor claw and 1 motor 4 bar on top

It depends on your construction, there might be a much better place to put it.

We mount it in the middle of our lift, it powers the middle of a universal axle that then goes to either side.