This 599D experiment worked pretty well

This post describes a collector 599D robot that debuted at CSUN competition on Saturday.

WOW! :slight_smile: That is a very cool robot design. I have two questions, though…
How many opposing tubes can it hold? And, have you had any problems with the other alliance putting your color tubes in the “bucket”?

Congratulations to all the Robodox teams on a job well done!

It was tested to hold all the opponents tubes. During practice a few opposing teams were able to occasionally drop a few of their own tubes into the bin, but a little wagging back and forth provided some defense. I suspect that some mods could improve this. The kids built it for fun but found out it had some real capability.

They chuckled with their nutty autonomous in which they backed up into the opponents target goal and had the opponent drop tubes into the bin instead of scoring:)

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Really creative design, it looks longer than 18 inches in length so i was curious about the dimensions, how long was it? and did the bucket flip out?

very impressive for a 3 week bot!
we have plans of a bucket bot, but you did it entirely a different way!
what was your drive ratio btw?
and the turning doesn’t look handicapped by the large bucket that expands

I’ve been waiting for this robot all year. Thanks for making it.

A team with a similar concept was at Pan Pacific and at Iolani’s tournament. 599D however, made the entry for the dropped tubes in the front of their robot, while the team with a similar concept made the entry in the back of their robot. A very interesting approach in the game, and I would have to agree that this is an impressive three week robot. Kudos to Robodox teams!

Awesome 'bot, 599D! I love the lower flap that opened to direct dropped tubes. I’m curious, how did you get your claws to stay mostly vertical? It looks like you’re not using a four-bar design.

They used a method we actually thought of using for our design that was going to be <4" tall, to save space. Pretty much it is a single bar, with a HS sprocket on the far end which is bolted to your mechanism, and that sprocket is connected to another HS sprocket with HS chain, this sprocket is bolted onto the robot, such that it does not move when the bar does. The result is a makeshift 4-bar. The near sprocket is stationary, and as the bar is moved up and down, the far sprocket will stay at the same position (will not turn like the arm is, since it is connected by chain to the near sprocket, which is stationary), therefore keeping your mechanism from turning, and acting as a 4-bar does.


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Here is a little more video the kids posted from a practice session.

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Do you guys score as well as store?

Sure , you saw the first video in the thread. It scores as well as most four bar claws that I have seen.

BTW… I found this stuffed robot shot on my Iphone.

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