This is a poll. Do you like my Squarebot with a robot arm?

Just what the title means. The image is at

lol yep whatever works, u may need some collars though before things fal off

I’m working on an improved version of it. It’ll have a limit switch to stop the motor. Will a bumper switch be more appropriate?

A limit switch is easier to trigger, so it will put less strain on the motor.

Don’t mingd the two people who said no. :slight_smile:

Can the force of the motor damage the robot if the switch is on the end of the arm?

Remember that momentum, like gravity, sometimes isn’t your friend.

The arm is moving, the switch gets pressed, the controller says stop, but momentum will carry the arm forward. So you need to position the switch so it senses the stop before the arm MUST stop. Even if you slam the motor into the reverse direction it takes time for the arm to change direction.

One thing that I do is extend the arm on the microswitch with a straw or a short length of plastic tubing. It allows a farther reach to the floor. It also allows some error, the straw will take the brunt of the hit and either flex or break. Better to break the straw than the switch.

Hey, I just noticed you use eneloop batteries too! Those things are great!