This is why you need autonomous

So… There was a Skyrise competition in Maryland on Saturday. As you can probably imagine, a lot of people weren’t fully prepared for it. So in this one match, there was one robot on the field. Easy, right? So the match starts, and the one robot doesn’t have an autonomous, meaning its preload isn’t scored. At the end of autonomous, the score is 2-1 blue. The bonus and the two preloads were enough to win them the match. Let this be a lesson; don’t overlook the autonomous period this game.

Another good piece of advice is to ensure minimum operability of your robot. Meaning at minimum, the thing can drive around without too much difficulty.

There is a video of that match here:

The autonomous for the robot is supposed to lift up and outtake to let the robot expand, and then the robot moves forward and intakes a cube. The robot didn’t spin like that during autonomous for the rest of the day. Additionally, the robot had a decent cube intake, but the skyrise intake was a bit sketchy. they lost the match because they focused too much on picking up skyrises instead of owning goals.

Wow, what an unfortunate time for murphy to poke his ugly head in, huh

Wouldn’t the red team automaticly win because there were no other robots?;):confused:

Team representatives were present so neither opponent was considered a “no show”. The system to incentivise teams to at least show up to matches where they don’t have a working robot led to 2 teams getting a win without showing up.

I think you meant “having an operational robot.”

I don’t count standing at the field as “showing up”. But I see your point.

The win wasn’t earned by the opposing alliance but it should be such a rare occurrence it isnt worth rewriting the rule.

Still feel sorry for Bogdan though.