This is wild

I’m part of a ms team in minnesota. in our club there is one team, 81101D Igneous and its a first year team. Recently, we were in the same tournament, they won with a average margin of victory of 58.8, total points 588, 10-0-0 and won one game 160 to 0. It’s absolutely wild. A first year team!


There is a team at my school that qualified for states at their first event and won skills champion at their first event.

there is a high school team that placed their plates facing up in the middle. they just past inspection and were later got dqed.

YO, I was at that tournament Mankato we placed 14th in quals and made it to quarters I’m on team 61170G

Which state was this competition in?

We won the excellence award at our first tournament.


Tiger Gamma? We were kinda near your table 81101F. Table closest to the queuing table.

Oh actually I remember that I’m the one who had the backward black hat on and drove for my team.

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In my school two first year teams won and got to state and one of them also got the high skills

What do the rules say about the orientation of plates? The top is not a side.

Nothing in the game manual prohibiting it but guess it’s very dependent on the height of the robot.

In my area, we have a very low pancake bot and they couldn’t put the plates on the side so they put them on the top. They past inspection because the low robot meant the number plates were just as easy to see. With a raised field though I think if a robot was any taller than a pancake bot it would be very hard to see the plates.

So we would need to know the approx height of the robot dqed to make a judgment.

An excerpt from R9

This Team number must be displayed on a minimum of two (2) opposing sides of the Robot using License Plates.

It is clearly stated plates are required to go on opposing sides. There is no exception for pancake bots. Plates are 2.5 inches tall. There is no bot out there shorter than 2.5 inches. Bots with plates on top should not be passing inspection and should not be allowed to play if they come to the field with them on top.

They ran a 250 something I think

515Rs Spin Up bot had plates facing up and they definitely past inspection at worlds. I believe the rule means there have to be plates on two opposing sides, not two opposing faces. It could be argued that top mounted plates are on the left/right sides of the top face.


Was the rule worded the same last year?

The rule was worded that robots had to have plates on at least two sides of their robot (the word opposing was not included). Even so, both years, R9 includes an explanation that the purpose of the rule is to make it clear to head refs which robots belong to each alliance, so as long as they can do so, I think the top-mounted plates are valid.