This Season's Rules

Next season better not be anything like this one. Robots just push around other robots, and make them look bad. It just encourages teams to settle for robots like push bots and not do anything else. I just had a really bad match and everyone was yelling at me but there was nothing I could do. My ally was a clawbot, and one team on the other alliance was a push bot. They pushed almost every single cube to where I was, so I couldn’t move and couldn’t score. Even though my teams robot took much more time and effort, we almost lost. We tied. My captain is yelling a lot at me because of it. Anyone else agree?

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Defense and offense are always a part of games like these. You just have to build your robot and strategy with them in mind. A pushbot is never going to go and win worlds, and they don’t give the same level of satisfaction as other bots. You can always ask your alliance to protect you and play counter defense. Also, there might be something wrong with your robot if being surrounded by cubes prevents it from moving.

Instead of blaming the rules because you tied with a pair of pushbots, take it as a learning experience and do better next time.


Pushbots are going to stop good robots from going to worlds. I just don’t like how lesser quality and easier to build robots seem almost encouraged this year with these rules. One of the robots was pushing on all the cubes surrounding us, thats why we couldnt move. I just dont agree with the rules this year.

Also, when I joined robotics, everyone said teamwork and stuff was one of the main points of robotics, working with the other team a little as well. Earlier today that was said. It seems a little too offensive towards the other teams robots.

If a team can’t get around the pushing of a simple push bot, then they probably need to refine their robot and strategies before they consider going to worlds, which is full of even more defense than region competitions. Defense and offense are natures of any competition/sport, and are both something that teams need to develop strategies and measures to deal with. To deal with your opponent’s offense, you create scoring mechanisms to outscore them. To deal with defense, you make a robot with a powerful drive, traction wheels for added lateral resistance, good driving, and perhaps something more advanced like side skirts.


do note this is very early season and there are a good handful of robots that arnt finished and so in light of a upcoming competition they make a robust frame and go for a defensive strategy. give this competition a month or two and you will be seeing less defensive strategies.

The pushbots are doing the same thing! They build really good drivetrains and thats all they focus on, and we dont have time to recreate/edit our chassi. Our drivetrain right now is made up of all torque motors

I sure hope so. It looks like some people are just trying to build a pushbot. They had so many months to build a high quality robot, and didn’t. Why would they change it now?

Do realize that people will decide to rebuild a robot and may already be signed up for a comp and haven’t quite finished the robot yet, so they just bring a push bot. It’s not because of the rules or because they are lazy, it’s simply because they don’t have a finished robot YET. My suggestion for you would be to build a robot that can defend it self from said push bots.


I know. We tried to. I just needed to outlet my self anger on something and this was what I first thought of. Sorry for wasting your time.

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Can someone shut this topic down please? @DRow?