This transmission works in real life?

Is a CAD made in Fusion 360 but I want to know if it works there are 3 gears of 60 tooths, can it works in real life?
trans1 trans2

depends what you mean by will it work. the front wheel will spin at the same speed and direction as your front motor, so yes, I suppose it will work. you should link the front and back wheels though so if one wheel lifts above the ground or doesn’t make complete contact with the tiles the other wheel still has 2 motors worth of power.


This should work just fine. You might get some minor friction losses on the wheel with the 3 gears, but probably not enough to be really noticeable.

Btw: It’s a bad idea to mount your motors on top of bearing flats


Okay, so i need to do a transmission than drives the 2 wheels

you don’t need to, what you have will work.
but ideally you want your front wheels linked to your back ones though.


It looks ok to me. This will completely come down to execution, are the two side rails securely connected? Are those gears locked in place well, either with spacers and one collar or two collars on the inside of the shaft? There will be some additional play because of the gears, you can likely live with this as it is backlash and will only show up when changing directions.

You might consider the wider gears (high strength?), but that might be overkill. Also consider the heavier chain.

Also when taking screenshots, you can turn off joints. I prefer hidden lines, which you can set at the bottom of the screen, but that’s up to you.


You could also make the middle idler a screw joint. An axle is not necessary there

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Anyways other than that, nice 1 speed transmission!


It is only a sketch! But thanks for the recommendations

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