./___ThIsisATemPoRaRyFiLE___.json save file problem

Last year, my team and I would share our programming files over Google Drive, we used RobotC last year so this worked just fine. However, this year we are using VCS and the .vex / .json save files can’t be read by Google. Also, I tried to open it in a program editor and this is what is shown:

I was wondering if there was any way to fix this problem. Or maybe someone could tell me something else my team and could use to share our files.

NotVCS can unpack and repack these .vex files, though I would recommend just using VexCode, since it doesnt require some python script to use proper version control. You can import your .vex file into VexCode.

Edit: It concerns me that NotVCS, a dead script meant to make a dead studio useful, has more clicks than VexCode. Please use vexcode.

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