Those California sportsmanship teams really got spots?

California currently has 56 teams listed for HS worlds, 23 more than the qualification criteria allowed this year. I know there were postings about their regionals advancing 21 teams each, but assumed that was an error that would be corrected. Did I miss something? Is there a reason for all the extra spots?

I know at least a few teams qualified thru skills such as a couple of the 8000’s

Yep, all the teams that won sportsmanship qualified for worlds.

Don’t all states/regions have to follow the RECF Qualifying Criteria? I don’t see anywhere in there that Sportsmanship Award is a secondary, tertiary - or any other - qualifying criteria. The criteria is pretty clear about who qualifies based on the number of spots and what happens if there are leftover spots or a team double qualifies. No where in there does it say that the sportsmanship award gets a spot…

We ended up with one of the three CA awards not to qualify.

Yeah, I was surprised to find out that semifinalists got world bid this year for california

lmao our sister team got Energy Award

sportsmanship award qualifying for worlds was kind of pointless imo but it’s RECF’s decision, nothing you can do to reverse it. plus it’s a judged award, so you can’t really follow a set procedure to win. don’t be salty you didn’t make it to worlds lol be happy you made it to states.

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@Doug Moyers Cali got 63 spots this year.

The qualification criteria clearly states that the numbers allotted to each region in are merely the “current projections” (when the document was released, which was back in August of 2016). It would appear that this season, VEX decided to start with small numbers of Worlds qualification spots for each region, then increase them later. This is mentioned in the document:

California received 81 (63 HS + 18 MS) Worlds qualification spots, and had 1020 VRC teams registered for this season. That’s about 12.6 VRC teams per qualification spot.

As a comparison, Texas had 34 (28 HS + 6 MS) Worlds qualification spots, and had 667 VRC teams registered for this season. That’s about 19.6 VRC teams per qualification spot.

So yes, it does appear that California got more than their fair share of Worlds qualification spots, at least compared to Texas.

Please take another look at the document. It actually says “Depending on the size of a state, the State
Championship can qualify between 1 and 16 teams to 2017 VEX Worlds.” This immediately causes a problem, as California had 63 High School Worlds spots, but only 3 state championships. The document doesn’t specifically explain what to do with additional spots past that 16, as it appears the document was written with the assumption that events would not give out that many spots. It suggests giving them to large regional events for the Excellence Award winner, holding additional end-of-season events (tournaments or skills events), or walking down the state’s skills rankings. However, RECF decided what to do with California’s spots, so it definitely had their approval.

Where are these numbers from? Is there a listing of the team count at the January reassessment?

There aren’t for this season. For whatever reason RECF stopped releasing that information, and even stopped having a list of registered teams easily available to the public. I had to manually count teams using the RobotEvents map search feature.

Those numbers are not accurate. I made the same mistake and was corrected by my RECF rep.

edit: FWIW, I built a spreadsheet out of all the csv’s of Texas events, and 437 teams participated in at least one event in Texas this season, or 13.7 teams/world spot.

This is as link to one of the California events.
https ://

Here is the qualifying criteria:

The only person who sets the world’s spots is the rec staff.

The is an upper limit to the number of award winners, so to fill the additional spots you should have more regional events, or full the worlds spots with skills. I’m sure the the next highest skills team would have been just as qualified than the sportsmanship award winner. Probably more.

I think it would be a good idea for the rec foundation to just be open, clear and consistent. As we look back at our season and can see that the events and qualifications were open, clear and consistent then we will be that much more excited for next year. If not, for some teams there won’t be another year, and some will come back with a bitter taste in their mouth.

No one should have to build spread sheets to see what’s going on.

At least in the Northern California state competition, there were either 18 or 16 awards that qualified for worlds. I believe that some teams got dual qualifications, so the number of teams that actually got sent to worlds from Norcal is less than 16.

I’m pretty sure that the double qualification spots would simply roll down the state/region skills board. That’s the way my region works at least so even if there are double quals we still send the right amount of people.

As of now, it still hasn’t

I think it has, as 8000X 8000Z and 315 have all received invites to worlds, and none of them won an awards at states or had a top 50 skills score.

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It is sad that so many states have really good teams that couldn’t qualify for worlds and in California 81 teams did qualify. For example, in our case, we won the Latin American Championship in our division but we didn’t get an invitation to worlds.