Thoughts on a video

Because we are not going to world championship, these days i have been hanging out on the forum, looking for team reveals to comment on and watching old toss up videos.
Today i was looking at indiana championship videos taken by 323z. I have seen the elimination rounds in the past, which are really high standard and exciting videos. But not the qualifications. So today i saw this.
After i finished i almost cried. My new best toss up match in history. When Jesse is facing two functional blue robots descoring at the same time i was like, Jesse you are the hero.
I think everyone on the forum deserves and should see this video. It defines what a good driver is, what a good team is. And it says, directly in the face, that robot breaking down should not be an excuse for a high standard team to lose a match.
Thank you aftershock for posting this. I cannot wait to see teams like this collide together at world championship. Good luck and have fun to everyone!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

This was definitely one of the weirdest VEX Toss Up matches I have played in (probably the weirdest ever in my VEX Career). The score hasn’t been updated on the videos yet, but we won the match 31-30. We played two solid robots (7708 (going to Worlds) and 1233F). I was very surprised we won.

I definitely would not qualify myself as an “elite” driver. Again, thanks for all of the kind words. See you all at Worlds!

Does it really…? That seems to be a pretty far fetched conclusion to make from one (admittedly very impressive) match. Consider that the opposing alliance could have played more defensively perhaps? Or imagine all robots in the match are of equally high standard?

American football analogy to what you’re saying:
“The 1st and 2nd string quarterbacks getting injuries that put them out of the game should not be an excuse for a high standard football team to lose a game”

What you’re saying, really does not make much sense.
I think if blue had stashed more, they might have taken the win. Congrats to 323z for winning, though.

I see the blue robot trying to stash for a good 10 seconds. Jesse did excellent but calling the opponents worlds competitive is a stretch.

7708 is indeed a very good team. They must’ve just had a bad match but I have seen them have some very good matches. And I’m pretty sure they are going to world’s.

I agree with Lucas, I don’t think the conclusions you draw from this are the right ones.

Jesse drove really well despite losing an intake roller, and at least from the red alliance perspective it was an intense match in which every action counted, but that doesn’t mean red wasn’t at a disadvantage. I think blue could have won with slightly better driving and/or coaching.

What I think this video does demonstrate is that an early lead can protect you against a surprising amount of things going wrong later.

Yeah, actually i think you are right. I just got really excited and impressed after the match…

My first thought was “Oh snap… Literally…”

but this reminds me of a match in gateway. I believe it was quarterfinals at worlds, when a team lost an intake roller in autonomous I believe, but still continued to score.

This is definitely a well played match by 323z. Their red alliance partner forced the opposing alliance to de-score large balls, by cutting off defense, so i’m not really sure if bucky ball scoring was an option. Again, this shows the power of autonomous

this is not as nearly as impressive, but I have managed to win a match with 3 wheels.
it was halfway through the game though, so I had a lead before my robot broke down.

Yes, i have seen your video as well and it is impressive. It all depends on how your driver team deals with the situation. In this case your team kept the robot perfectly balanced, avoiding any tipping and that is the key.