Thoughts on Defense in TT

Just wanted to make a thread getting everyone’s opinions on defense this year. So far I have seen a fair number of matches won by just relentlessly ramming the enemy traybots til cubes fall out, or ramming while stacking in the unprotected zone. What have all of your experiences been with it and, what strategies have you found that have worked to counter it.

I like d-fence but the refs have to call the 5 seconds of pinning and the zone things correctly my the first comp if i axidently touched another bot i almost got dqed and in the second one my claw wasnt working for a match so i was breifly a pushbot and i pinned someone for 15 seconds and never got a count down i evevtually felt bad and backed of and went on to the other bot nither wer ideal but its whatever REFING IS SUPER IMPORTANT TO BE FARE TO BOTH THE DEFENSIVE TEAM AND THE OFFENSIVE TEAM

The problem with this year’s game is there isn’t too much antidefense play. For the 5 second countdown, the robot being pinned must display some effort of wanting to move away or not get pushed/pinned. Because of this, we were once able to push and pin for a full 30 seconds. After our lift overheated, we ran over and pinned the good opposing bot. However, the drivers tried intaking a cube stuck in their intake and then just didn’t touch the drive on their controller hoping for the pin call. Only once they started moving their robot to attempt to get out of the pin did the refs start the pin call. This year, many teams, when pushed or pinned, don’t acknowledge it and continue to play offense. Because of this, the refs can’t call the 5 second pin until the pinned bot starts openly trying to escape.