Thoughts on next years game

I was wondering if anybody else had thought of what vex would do next year. Scoring objects, field setup, that kind of stuff.

VEX plans out the games at least a year in advance, so they have known for a while.

In my opinion, continuing the semi-theme of alternating big and small game objects, I am going to say that it would include some smaller game objects. No one really knows anything about next year though, but there are a few things almost for certain. One is that it will probably still be the 6’ x 8’ field.


Something with triangles, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure those have never been used in IQ.

And for VRC I go with the same guess every time but horizontal scoring posts!


You are correct, VEX IQ has never used triangles. If it is triangles, I would suggest looking at FRC 2005, Triple Play. They used triangles and the optimal pickup design is a giant fork (at least that’s what won worlds). It’s a lot like Change Up, but with triangles. Sorry for the poor video quality, but this was 15 years ago.

Your suggestion for VEX V5 sounds interesting, and that would be cool, but I don’t know if I like the idea of having similar games for V5 and IQ.

A thought also for next years game is inflatables, kind of like the FRC 2011 game.


I know this is an IQ thread but since VRC has had 2 consecutive games with meta intakes, probably something that wouldn’t really include intakes as much. I’d like to see different mechanisms come into play.


Shooting game. 2020202020


A shooting game would be really cool at the high level of play, but for the low level teams, it would be really sad and not much fun for them. Personally though, I think it’d be a great game.


They would just have to do it as the hero bot

Since RECF acceded to the Vex Coaches Facebook cabal and increased the size of the field by 50% so there would be room for more complicated games; I’d like to see that vs this year’s game of “lets fill the extra space with more game elements”. I’m hoping we are not going to see repeats of games with just twice as many elements. Maybe we’ll see something that requires more programming.

If you wanted a bigger field with just more objects, can I interest you coaches in VRC, massive 12’ area and almost 100 game elements?


I agree. I think that VEX IQ should do maybe a more complex game for next year,

but with maybe not more programming like you suggested. Just for Driver Skills and Teamwork (we have different codes for each one), we have a few hundred lines of code, and I think that more would just be not much fun anymore.

I do like the idea of a more complex game, and I think it could be really cool, especially if we had a multi-game object game where there were two independent game objects that had two very different scoring mechanisms, so higher level teams could do both, and lower level teams could do just one (FRC 2017).


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