Thoughts on our chassis?

This is what we have so far. Any recommendations? We’re skimming on the size limit horizontally and also aren’t sure if using the wide c channel is the best way to connect across. The four bar mogo lift has an arm detached from its pivot point in the pics but we got a place for it. We’re using a chain for the front wheel, it just wasnt put on.
robotics pic3.jpg
robotics pic1.jpg
robotics pic2.jpg

Instead of using axles as pivot points on the 4 bar lift, I’d use screws. Use nylon spacers/washers in between each metal-on-metal contact point to reduce friction.

Do you have a tensioner on the chain linkage that connects the front wheel to the motor? Seems like the chain will touch that other motor, and that’s never any fun.

Eeeeew, steel.
No but seriously, if you want to be competitive, only use aluminum.

Not having proper support on the outer rail is arguably worse then having cantilevered wheels

That 1x bar on your mogo intake is going to bend

Not using screw joints on the logo lift, smh

Please don’t ever use pop rivets

No nylocks anywhere, unless those keps nuts are ridiculously tight, they are going to loosen

What @antichamber said but also:
-use standoffs or more c-channel between the 2 outer rails that support the wheels
-on that axle with the sprocket and too many spacers, maybe use a shaft collar so you can have spacers for other things
-idk what internals you have your motors on, but I recommend HS
-for the outer rail just use a 35 hole c-channel instead of 2 rails connected

Oh god I didn’t even see that

Overall, I think you have a good start with the design. The suggestions given above will really improve the performance of the design. Rather than the 1X, you can use standoffs. Those have worked well for several really good team. Good luck.

Effectively using standoffs in this fashion is not easy to pull off, it took me several attempts to make mine good, and I doubt they have high strength clamping shaft collars, which I have concluded are almost a necessity when doing this

I think the best option for them in this case is either L-channels or regular c-channels. We use L-channels on our robot

I doubt their mentor will let them cut metal

Yeah, we have a pretty sorry robot. We’re poor and working on getting better materials but our midterm is to get something working so I guess we’re building. It’s my first year in robotics and our school’s first competitive robotics year.

Probably not. Use C-channels. Ours doesn’t like it (especially aluminum) but he knows it’s better in the long run

It’s ok. It’s my first year in robotics too, and I’m our head builder. I just spend a lot of time here( on the vex forum) so I can learn from the better/more experienced people, and it has worked pretty good

If you use screws for joints you MUST use nylocks on them, and washers are also a must to reduce friction

When I get home, I’ll make a video of my mogo only robot for you before I disassemble it

We can cut metal if we think it’s absolutely necessary. We used to have an all c channel mogo lift but our robot goes beyond 20’’ horizontally at that point

oh wow thanks. I look forward to learning from it

Just a question for the guys in here, would a 2 motor 3:5 power ratio work for mogos with this intake style? or would we have to go 3:7?

Depends on how long the arms that attach to the intake are. If they are too long it might be too fast

I was more wondering about the torque on it. Speed shouldn’t be an issue when putting the goals down as this can always be changed in code

If the arms are longer, the mobile goal moves more per unit of rotation than if they are shorter, requiring more torque