Thoughts on StarStruck


interesting game haha

The rules aren’t out yet I don’t think.

But here are some important factors that will change the game immensely.

  • Expanding robots allowed? (Giant wall/fence-bot?)
  • Going under the fence allowed?
  • Poking under the fence allowed? (Proximity Barricade)
  • allowed to hold unlimited game pieces at once?
  • Allowed to be ‘sitting’ on your partner for a hang?


How on Earth am I supposed to pick up a star.

Okay so here is my plan.

1)2 motor didirectional pivot intake with axles or thin objects kinda like some sack attack pleciglass scoops to slide under the starrs or the spaces gaps inbetween the field. This can slide under cubes or stars.

  1. 4 torque motor slip gear rubberband catapult that the intake flips these back into. The catapult will be as wide as the robot to launch multiple cubes and stars.

  2. 4motor turbo drive for speed purposes

  3. elevator chain lift with a cap to go over the post to pull up with 2 torque motors and sprockets

It will be a fun year and interesting to see other plans!

My plan is making either an 8-bar or a reverse double four bar with a multi purpose custom made claws that can hang, carry up to 2 stars at once or 1 cube. the motor will be a simple U-chassis with speed motors with a 36-12 tooth gearing system.

The fence is only 24 in, so you shouldn’t need an 8 bar. 6 bar should do the trick, 4 bar might work.

I think a four bar would be good

  1. win auton
  2. build giant catapult
  3. high hang (cause that is HUGE points)

They are allowed… Here are new rules you might need to know:
Once match begins, you can extend
10 motors ONLY, Plus two pneumatic servos.
Preloads allowed (Cube preload allowed when 30 seconds left)

Actually I believe that the motor limit is the same as NBN; 12 motors and no pneumatics or 10 motors and pneumatics.

Here is a snapshot of the current rules for starstruck as proof

I’m giving it the nickname “Vex: Protect your cortex” :d

What about Donald Trump’s strategy?

Idk if you’ll be able to build a wall across the field, but i bet some crazy wall bot will come up in the season

Sounds good but high hang is to big of a challenge with not enough points

What are you talking about? High hang is worth as much as 6 stars, or 3 cubes in the far zone

@Mystical Pie I think he’s talking about the opportunity cost in time. High hang takes time, which a team might be launching stars or cubes from their zone into the opponents, making high hang worth only 3 stars (because it’s 2 less points for your opponent and 2 points for you, creating a 4 point differential) or is less value then 2 cubes (again, point differential) or just one cube and a high lift. With all those considerations, it might not be so much that it’s not a viable strategy; if you’re ahead, do it, because it’s points that can’t be contested. The problem is that you might be giving up enough contested points to lose that advantage.

I agree, if you can high hang in the last 3-4 seconds of the game, then only it is worth it.

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