Thoughts on Tank Tread Upgrade System

Anyone who has purchased the tank tread upgrade kit, I would like to hear your thoughts:D

lol i dont even have a tank tread kit, but both the kit and upgrade kit seem really cool, if FIRST doesn’t ditch Vex next year im going to get those, or maybe i will anyway, i started the team and am keeping all the Vex

I might get more if FIRST stays with vex

It is very useful and a fun addition to my supplies. I have several.


i think that this new kit will make conveyors much easier to make, and the idea of increasing traction is also very good. also, there already was a thread with the same exact topic,, i dont think that this thread should have been made as it is entirely extraneous.

This one has a poll along with it though.

at my competition today i saw a lot of teams with tank treads but still using zip ties as a conveyor belt…released it a bit late?

I think it was a little late. We are using a conveyor system, but using no zip ties or the upgrade kit. We upgraded them ourselves before the kit came out.

Maybe they feel that the more flexible zip ties are a better idea.

our team (224) also noticed that there were no tank tread upgrade kits used at the event yesterday. I agree that they were released a little bit late. another sugestion is that maybe it would take more work to get the spacing right than just to use the bot like it was? Just my thoughts on it.
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