Thoughts on the barrier

I’ve been a bit worried about the dimensions of the barriers for the goal zones, it seems as if in order to really fit any stack in there the robots will need some expansion method so the rest of the robot doesn’t collide with the walls or another stack. Assuming most of us will have a robot width of ~17.5", the width of the robot wouldn’t be able to fit in even the larger barrier, meaning there needs to be a rather long extension outside of a bot to fit several stacks of cubes. For all of the interior stackers out there, how will the cubes actually get in there?

EDIT: I believe the official term is ‘floor goal’

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I think 4 bars on top of DR4Bs will be popular again, if only to reach the corner goals.

I agree, the 4 bar would act as an intake and outtake for this very reason, same for taking the cubes off of towers.

I was thinking along the lines of a slide out lift but the counterweight is still a problem yet to be solved

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Thank you goodnight !

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Hey! I was actually just thinking that…

? Is this something I’ve never heard of?

It may end up being as simple as something passive that comes out at the beginning of the match and you have your intake and mechanisms on that piece. If you design your robot well, you shouldn’t need something that needs to stick out too far to reach the goal zones, so having that piece damaged by other robots shouldn’t be a concern either.

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Did you do ITZ?
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Yeah, but I wasn’t really exposed to much outside of my area.