Thoughts on the turtle strategy?

It seems there’s a new strategy

Both Alliance partners grab an alliance goal and a neutral goal

Then they sit in the corner until the last 30 seconds where they park and place these mogos on the platform.

It makes it so whoever gets the goal in the first 15 seconds ends up winning the game.

Thoughts on this?

Has anybody seen this strategy fail?

It seems like the new meta

if they really are just staying still the whole match, then it’s easily counter-able with rings and/or parking. if they do rings and park as well, your only hope is the tall goal. but especially in late season elimination matches, yes, whoever wins the initial mogo race will likely win the match. That’s just how the game was designed and it would not/could not be changed.


I don’t think that there should be any concern about this strategy, since there’s an easy counter available:

Be faster.

8 motor turbo drives are easy to construct.


You can be faster but then the game is just over quicker

I guess I just miss starstruck where there was a back and forth to the end


I agree that it’s a flaw in the design of the game that the matches can so easily end during autonomous, but at the same time they don’t truly end there. The team has to properly utilize their advantage, and if they squander it than the other team will win. So it is a situation where the best teams (best being the ones who can get that advantage in auton, and properly make use of it) win the matches. However, I do think that it stifles gameplay and puts the opponents in a situation where the only way they can win is if the opponent messes up. Unless the tall goal becomes used more wildly, but so far it has not. Not really anything the gdc can do about it this late in the season, removing this gameplay stifling strategy would require a complete overhaul of the game, likely reducing legal goal capacity or introducing some other way to score points independent of goals, which would invalidate all the work teams put into optimizing this strategy and that would just be generally bad.


I think its mostly the existing/old meta


I made a post a while back about what you need to do to win if you only get 1 neutral goal.


It would also depend on what bots can use this strategy because if you have a more defensive bot that could protect its goals more efficiently like the shopping cart, I could see this working to an extent. But if you did this during auton and you don’t know how to make a course-correcting auton then you would just be sitting there while the other team was racking up points. And as I stated earlier your bot would need to be focused on this strategy as it could be stolen quite easily if a person bot didn’t have much in the way to protect its goal

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