Thoughts on this years game meta

I have now been to tournaments and made it to the finals twice. Both times i have seen the same strategies. Have one robot shoot (whichever one is faster at it), then the other one defend and be a bully. Right now we have a shooter bot, Im starting to wonder if we should switch to a roller/ endgame bot with a 6 motor drivetrain to be a highly defensive bot. and play defense. But i’m also wondering if that would lower your chance at getting picked by a top 3 team for elimination. If you were not to get there yourself. Sorry if this doesn’t make any since :sweat_smile:.


I would love to here what everyone else has noticed/ seen.

Our team at the tiger town throwdown competition on November 5th in Clemson SC ended up ranked fifth with just an intake and roller mech. Our flywheel was taken off in poor decision. I was out with the flu, but we ended up at 3rd.

The best strategies seen were to control all of the rollers, and try to get as much endgame as possible.

Our teams can easily pull off 6 motor drives and roller/intake mechs and catapults, with several expansion units on our robot. It is good to have a both defensive and offensive robot to still perform well incase you have an alliance partner that can’t do much. Being able to shoot in the first 1min 30 and then control rollers and expansion have seen good results at tournaments from most of the teams in my region.


There’s no reason to throw your teammates under the bus in a public forum. Keep team dynamics internal.


The best game meta would be a combination of a flywheel and a catapult disc launching system. One on the front of the robot and one on the back. This would allow you to shoot an average of discs per minute from your robot.

I would be interested to see how a purely defensive robot that was well designed performed.
Something that would go beyond being a simple pushbot, and would be made to have only a powerful drive, a roller mech, and many endgame expansion mechs.

First, a theoretical robot that had this could easily use all 8 motors on the drive, with only one ratchet to the roller mech and pneumatics for the endgame. And with that much torque, the robot could be a speed demon and have the torque to be extremely effective in quickly pushing robots where they don’t want to go.

Without having to make space for an intake and launcher, this theoretical robot could easily maximize the points an endgame mech would score, giving this robot a significant boost. The theoretical maximum points that could be scored from endgame expansion is 84pts(28 possible tiles * 3pts each), and a robot that had the space for enough launchers could easily make at least 50pts by only covering 17 tiles.

Overall, a robot that was purely designed for defense would be the last robot I would want to go against in a match. Not only would this possible robot be fast enough to screw up both teams in the opposing alliance that are trying to score, but with its potential excess of string launchers, it would be essentially a point scoring endgame powerhouse.
Pushbots are already annoying, but a pushbot meta? I get chills.

One issue is that the autonomous period for this robot would be severely limited. Its purpose is to screw with other robots, and there aren’t any other robots to screw with in autonomous.
And in skills, this robot would just have to be a disc plow and then release its endgame.

Another problem would be that for the robot’s alliance to score any points during the bulk of a match, it relies on having a good alliance partner. It can’t score many points on its own, aside from the rollers and endgame expansion. If the alliance partner isn’t a good team, then this theoretical pushbot meta would have to go into a serious gamer mode to prevent both opposing robots from scoring.
And if it was partnered with another pushbot, that would either be a disaster or a success. Since there would be two pushbots, it’s plausible that no robot on the opposing alliance would be able to score much, and the endgame powerhouse of the pushbot meta would take the win. but then again, it all depends on driver’s skills, and if either pushbot, meta or otherwise, were of a lesser skill than the opposing alliance, the opposing alliance would still score points - though that all depends on luck.

If it means anything to anybody, I really enjoy playing the Devil’s Advocate.
God forbid I make a pushbot on purpose.


Interesting, I wonder why this would be recommended over having a single shooter. With a single shooter, you can spend more time tuning it (catapults are deceivingly hard to tune if you haven’t noticed by now). With catapults being objectively better at goal stuffing, and long-range shooting only important/competitive during autonomous, why do with both?

(Also I’m pretty sure any shooter design can shoot an average of discs per minute without needing to have 2 on your robot. Just some food for thought).

OP, I’d recommend upgrading from a 6 motor drivetrain and keeping the shooter. Unless you are god tier at defense (like Cam from 62 or YY from 1721G) you simply won’t be able to keep up competitively in the long run (especially since the endgame meta is far from reaching its final state of competitiveness). Having a shooter will also keep you competitive in skills, which can help make up for poor tournament rankings when trying to get teams to pick you for alliance selection.


Interesting take. If you want to increase the average number of discs per minue I can only recommend building a turret could acomplish this goal effectively.

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Wait for 8059B SingVex reveal…


I think this game pales in comparison to last year’s tipping point. It is simply the same match over and over with no skills or creative rule-bending. The meta this year is as you said, just one shooter and one defensive player. There isn’t enough variety in the match strategies to make them interesting

I beg to differ. Tipping point last year was the exact same for me. It felt like goal rush and then just sitting there with the goals. Most matches were incredibly boring to me, but spin up matches are really interesting so far.


With catapults being objectively better at goal stuffing

Overfilling, however, is easier for the flywheel tho

Not really, as top tier chinapults can get 40+ discs in the goal while flywheels can only manage 30+. Catapults have better goal stuffing due to the grouping of the discs. I’d assume it would be similar for slingshots as well.


That is exactly what i am thinking when i created this but seeing how teams are going this season. I don’t see it becoming a push bot meta. we faced a bot like this and it worked really well and feel like it could be a bot that is a great elimination round pick.

Are there any matches in particular where you’ve seen this happen? 40+ is insane amount of discs…


By the way, 550G Robotics’ past five posts can be seen as troll posts. They’ve said to buy optical sensors for a gyro question, use a 40:1 gear ratio for an optimal mixture of torque and speed, read the manual for a build question, and a pneumatic engine flywheel. All their posts so far are flaggable, so I’d ignore and flag them, to be honest.


I am sorry my sister team has said these things. We have been working together for a couple years and I am dissapointed in their behavior. I will talk to them today when I see them

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or just tell them to stop posting if they aren’t going to be helpful.

Isn’t the max expansion points 84 (28*3) because the 8 low goal tiles don’t count?

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