Thoughts on tower takeover

So me and my friends have qualified for state and I’m only now questioning this season’s theme.

You mean EDR right? There are some threads that talk about this and i would suggest changing the thread category to EDR. Not IQ.

I should do that. Thanks for telling me this.

No problem.

But this season is basically traybots and dr4b clamps.

Sorry, what? I don’t know what that is.

Oh sorry. I read that this forum is like traybots and dr4b clamps, not the season.

So Tower Takeover…

Traybots are OP
DR4B clamps are doing good
Mix em and you are god

Game is decent. Really the same designs. Bring strategy into the game greatly.

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We qualified only because we got the highest pedestal. Everyone went insane. It was like on of those movie moments when everything kinda blurs and a high-pitched squeal starts.

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