Threading Axels

I’ve read the rules and I don’t see any restrictions on this…

Can we thread an axel so that it becomes almost like a screw? :confused:

I’ve seen one of these in our box and I thought it was from a very very old Vex kit. It intrigues me too. We don’t have the proper machinery to make a good threaded axle but it seems like you could.

It does not involve welding, gluing or other rule breaking activities explicitly listed. You are just precisely cutting the axle to receive a thread.

But will that thread be of the allowed sizes?

Sorry it was not the help you were looking for…

Yes it would be the same size as the “commercially available” as I have the equipment to do so. Thanks:D

There are no rules against it!

I’ve never done this for use on a VEX robot, but for a school project, I threaded an 1/8" VEX axle to 6-32 with great success. I initially turned down the shaft to 0.140" (the approximate major diameter of #6 thread), then realized that the die had no problem continuing into the uncut axle. The steel is quite soft and posed no difficulties.

we’ve been doing this for a while now,surprised that nobody else asked. all you need to use is a die for a 8-32 screw,this is the same size as the nuts and screws in the vex kits (not the 6-32 screws for the motors!) We’ve found the threads are strong enough for what we do. Caution be careful when you start the die, it can start unevenly and make your nut slightly uneven.good luck!—oh yeah,we use a 6" bolt cutter to cut the shafts and file off the resulti:png burr,saves plenty time!

Do this to axles is necessary when used in these motors.:stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re going to modify parts to that point might as well…

Standoff’s can be considered a stronger alternative to the usual drive shafts.

Legally this is not true, because the part in question is not a screw, it is a legal VEX shaft that has been cut. Therefore it doesn’t need to be the same thread size as a commercially available screw.

That’s just my interpretation, you’d have to Q&A it to be sure. I could see Karthik objecting due to safety concerns.

We made very poorly designed lift a few years back, and these are the results.

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