Throw the ball and hit it with a pad

Can you throw the ball in the air and hit it with a metal pad of some sort? If this is against the rules, please get back to me as soon as possible.

Yes. This is legal.
EDIT to add additional information:
The rule is that only the ball itself can contact the high flags. As long as the “metal pad” stays within your 18" height limit, and attached to your robot, you’ll be fine.

Also, the description of the hypothetical mechanism is a little vague. If you want a more concrete answer, please elaborate. Sketches are always nice, but not necessary.

If you manage to make that work, please post pics.
That would be impressive.

I think they’re just talking about a puncher that is timed with a launched ball. It would be pretty cool, though.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. I was going to time the ball with a puncher and hit it.

But isn’t that a lot harder than just doing it the normal way? With the loading chamber?

Having a little trouble imagining how this would be better than a traditional puncher design.

lol this would be cool, but sadly quite impractical.

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