Throwing balls in Change Up

What does everyone think about shooting balls in the new game? Using flywheels could allow cross field deposits into the goals. Lets discuss throwing ideas for Change Up

If done right, I think it would be cool. But it would take a lot of tuning


agreed. But the posts on top of the goals are green so vex cameras may finally be used for tuning


IMO, in later season comps, the goals are going to be filled up fast enough that what counts is descoring your opponents goals.


though flywheels would be cool, due to the nature of change up, traybot will probably be again the most reliable design unfortunately


The one problem would be SG3. But that is only for auton. It would be the most important for auton though, because you could snipe the far goal zones and wind up owning some far ones. Having your alliance focus on the home row, while you snipe a far goal right at the start and then get one of the goals on the autonomous line, you could have a serious auton.

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I don’t think throwing balls would be a good idea since the goals are not very tall and there is no net, so you would have to be very accurate if you don’t want to violate throwing balls out of the field.

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I mean there are backboards with colored symbols on them… it’s like vex is just urging us to have a shooter used with a vision sensor


I was thinking a pneumatic catapult instead of a flywheel. I think it would be more accurate as long as you charge the air canisters.

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