Throwing balls

Hi guys, I need help with my flywheel, I don’t konw why but every time that I throw a ball it goes to a diferent place

Most likely Velocity inconsistency, compression, and entrance angle.
Can you post a picture?
What velocity control are you using? If any.

There are a couple of threads you should search out here.

For a flywheel, you want consistency of flywheel speed, contact/squish, and just reducing friction to make them go the same.

Flywheel speed mechanism of control seems to be take by half - TBH in the search terms, or PID. TBH is easier to learn so start there. @jpearman posted some nice code.

You need to have some sensors on your flywheels to do this. You will then need to graph and visualize the values of the velocity to see what works and what does not. So hook up the Robot C debugger! This then gets into the averaging mechanism as the data gets a bit noisy. Again, @jpearman had some nice velocity threads. But start by measuring velocity to see what is going on. Velocity is affected by battery power too. Again, graph what is going on with your robot.

Contact/squish is the spacing between your wheels and the material on your flywheels. I forget the search terms here, but there seems to be an optimal squish distance to get good contact with the ball without expending too much energy squishing. Using the anti slip mat on the wheels with rubber bands and zip ties makes for a nice contact surface.

Friction reduction is generally finding what is binding in your flywheel drive train - mis-aligned holes, too tight spacing with nylon spacers causing friction, metal on metal contact, square shaft on square hole without bearing blocks, no lithium grease, etc. Look carefully at it and make sure the start up is easy and free spinning.

Lastly, make sure your flywheels are back up to speed before shoting. Your target speed will dictate the trajectory a ton. Being off makes you miss.

Thank’s !!!