Throwing Cones?

Could cones be tossed from your driver loaded platform towards the opponents scoring zone to impede opponents, assuming that it could be done consistently such that there is no damage to the cone or a possible stationary robot near the scoring area?

Also, if allowable, could this be done during autonomous?

Zone Cones™ are quite a bother to navigate around, and stopping an opponent from scoring stacks in their 10 or 20 point zones is quite beneficial.

Hey, as long as they start on the platform without you touching them and the robot throws it, then it is legal. But Mogos™ on top of game objects still count as scored, sooooooooo you will need to toss a lot in there to make them not be able to rest one on top.

I believe Stax-on-Stax Mogos™ have a tendency not to remain upright when placed on an inclined goal. Additionally, many robots are not designed to unload Mogos™ from their manipulator unless it is onto a flat, ground-level surface. After analyzing video, it seems that just a few cones makes navigation and unloading significantly harder, and a huge time sink.

Throwing cones into the opponent’s zone is also a huge time sink.

A better strategy for the thrown cone ™ is to flip them onto the stationary goal.