thumb nut

the product would be similar to the finger screw here.

but in a nut form.

I could see this helping with putting license plates on so you don’t have to use a nut bar (tend to break and harder/ slower to screw into) or hold onto a small, slippery nut.

just an idea.

Look at wingnuts (you can get them from any hardware store or online)

read this tread. I am not sure if they are legal.

Rule R7c states

<R7> Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:
c. Any commercially available #4, #6, #8, M2, M2.5, M3 or M4 screw up to 2" long, and any commercially available nut to fit these screws.

A wingnut I assume falls under this category.

I don’t see why a wing nut would not be commercially available? You can walk into Home Depot or any non-specialty hardware store and buy them, they’re a quite standard piece of hardware.

I guess it probably would be a “reasonable replacement.”

or instead of spending about 20 dollars you could get some heavy duty earth magnets and place them on the part that your are attaching and that woud hold the screw in place for you