TI-84 Score Calculator

I am currently writing a TI-84 calculator program that could be used to score matches live. This could be used to know if a team is winning or losing, and if they should be going for SP. Would anyone like this program once I am done with it?

There are already official Sack Attack apps for Android and IOS which do scoring (and have the manual.) I sincerely doubt many people would prefer using a TI-84 over that haha.

Also that would take like 4 lines to make.

I would be very impressed if you could write that in 4 lines…

Using this program, you can add sacks to any field area at the same time, compared to the app, where you have to go into the trough/high goal/floor goals to add sacks.

It is curently over 250 lines long

What advantage is there to doing that?

Well seeing how complex it is it would certainly be nice if you posted the code for others to take a look at. Perhaps you could put together a quick video showing off how it works?

What is wrong with you.
prompt stuff
red math
blue math
disp stuff

Finish it and make it available, I am sure someone will appreciate it. Not to mention it’s good practice for you even if nobody else benefits from it.

It is faster to press one button to add a sack, than press the trough and then press add sack.

I’ll post it tomorrow.

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Mine uses getkey commands for each adding/subtract sacks in each scoring place, and using the 2nd button, you can add a yellow sack.

So is this an app or a program?

I can see where you’re coming from and this would be way sweet :slight_smile:

It would be a lot quicker than the Android/iOS app. To change scores you’d just hit a physical button rather than a little tiny one on a screen.

I bring a TI-84 to every competition. You never know when you’ll need to do some math.

I’d be thrilled to at least check it out.

I use a Ti-89 emulator on my kindle fire. It’s the perfect size and also allows me to use the Vex Scoring App as well as last minute rule checks.

I really don’t see the point in this new calculator app although I would be very interested in seeing it just for the “wow” factor that somebody actually put something so complex together for a calculator.

My calculator last year could have taken my final exam for me because by the end of the year i had created a program for every type of question.

on phone

It is a program

I’ll make a video today and post it, and if I get all of the bugs out, I’ll post the program

This is the video of the program:

I have software to turn a program into an app… if you want it converted, I’ll do so. (so long as it runs on an 83, not just an 84… :))

I would prefer the Sack Attack apps for iOS, but would like to see the code anyways.