Ticket To Worlds

For this year’s game, with the max score being 80, how will skill’s ranking be sorted?
Random or first scored?

In a few weeks/days, I don’t know exactly when, the VRC Event Qualifying Criteria document will be released. This will give you your answer (probably). I asked @Karthik the same question a few weeks ago and got told that the August 17th update to the game manual will answer my question. In other words, you will know by August 17th, but right now, the RECF hasn’t published a ruling

In the past, skills scores ties have been solved by using the next best attempt as a tie-breaker

So if all goes according to plan, in the upper level tournaments it will just be “Who gets the most matches attempted at a perfect store”?

@Mr_L_on_Yoshi or who does the least amount of matches total, aka Score divided by number of matches played. So a team that got a perfect score their first time and didn’t run skills again would do better than a team who ran skills 2 times and only got perfect once. I really don’t like this method due to the difficulty to keep track of exactly how many skills a team has played at the state qualifier tournament level. IDK, we’ll just have to wait and see.

@phantom285A Oooooh, I get it now. Yeah, that would make things tough still. At least the autonomous/driver skills are both considered this year. This should help… somewhat. I really don’t like this scoring method either.