Tie breaker 2nd level-- autonomous score?

This year if there are ties in WP, the next level for tie breaker is Automous score? How do you do that? Add up all the autonomus you won? Why change from SP’s being the tiebreaker after WP?

The points are added by every time you win auton. you get 4 AP, but i dont know why they did that but I really like it so.

its just the 4 point autonomous bonus that gets added to your AP. So basically, rank goes by most match wins, then most auton wins, then sp.

Yeah autonomous really should be higher up on the importance level. The SPs shouldn’t really matter that much, they don’t show how good your robot is as much as APs do in my opinion

True. AP should be ranked higher than it has been in the past. Most good teams were constantly scoring SP for the opponent. If there were 3 undefeated teams at the end of qualifiers you wanted to make sure you were #1 so you were constantly trying to score for the weaker team. Always thought that was wacked how you scored for the other team. Confused some teams and audience.

Personally I like the transition, but I feel like this is exactly the wrong year to switch to APs. What with the fact that a huge number of points (18? idk) are already scored on each alliance, autonomous this year is as much about descoring as scoring, and with so many objects already in scoring positions it will be very difficult to ensure you always win the autonomous bonus. I feel like there will just be 2-3 “mainstream” autonomous strategies that every team will use, and then the only differences between points will be whichever team’s is more reliable.

I feel like if this year’s game was something more like Skyrise, I would absolutely love to see the AP bonus come into play. The more work you put into programming, the higher the chance you would get the important reward. We’ll have to see how autonomous gets used, it might become a strategy to hoard instead of score and sacrifice AP for the win, but it’s going to be hard to make all sorts of predictions so early on :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the new ranking. We will start to see even more extravagant autons just to get the AP bonus to rank higher. Also makes Sp’s less important!

I think they made it this year because to do the best score possible, you would get 0 SPs. So they made a new scale so you don’t get penalized for it.

I also think they included it because shooting in the other net for SP’s was very popular in some matches in nbn. I actually saw a match where a team went back to their starting square to do DCL’s and just shot them all into the other net just like you would do in skills!

I actually really like this because the GDC is putting importance back on autonomous, while demoting the importance of SP’s. I really dislike SP’s, they can be hard to keep track of, especially in Starstruck, and scoring for your opponent because they weren’t good enough isn’t really in the spirit of the game. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone I guess.

In this game, you score by descoring. Because even if you’re holding a star, it still counts against you. So you need to move it to the otherside. Effectively scoring it.

The problem is that APs don’t really do anything. The best (undefeated) teams will always win auto anyway, so then it goes back to SPs. And if you are able to score for your opponents and still win, it shows how amazing you are.

The point of APs is to separate the best of the best from the good teams. That’s the point. Having to score for your opponents just shows that the system was flawed.

Not necessarily. In skyrise this was true but nbn had the field advantage from auton be more valuable than the bonus so hoarding auton were extremely viable.

Autonomous Points- how many times you won autonomous.
-means you’re good at programming

Strength of Schedule Points (SPs)- cumulative losing score of all of your matches
-theoretically shows how tough your matches were
-can be broken by scoring for opponents

To be honest, both AP and SP doesn’t do the best job in terms of ranking the teams.

By using AP, the GDC is forcing teams to program an autonomous which scores as much as possible. This pretty much prevents any defensive strategies for use in autonomous, which makes the game less interesting.

SP has always been spoilt and “exploited” by many teams over the years, and it is not really fair because if you follow how SP is meant to work and do not score for your opponent, your ranking can be punished for no fault of your own. If you score for your opponent, it just really breaks the whole concept of SP.

That being said, AP is a bit better as a tiebreaker as SP because you have to earn it to get it, rather than get it by chance.

Well if you block them from scoring then you win the autonomous bonus. For the most part what AP does is make autonomous about short term rather than later term goals. In the past you would be willing to give up short term advantage for long term value but in a game like this there isn’t really something you can do early that drastically changes the game.

I like how the GDC is really starting to put a lot of emphasis on programming. First, they made it so you can’t touch your robot in autonomous, then this.

Agree with this 100%!